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Workshop: Cultures and Practices of Pluralism in Egypt and Germany, TU Berlin, July 1-11 2013


The workshop “Cultures and Practices of Pluralism in Egypt and Germany” will be carried out in Berlin from 1st to 11th July 2013. The activity is jointly organized by TU Berlin and Ain Shams University in Cairo.

The aim of the workshop is a comprehensive discussion of the concept and issues related to plurality and pluralism with regard to both countries. By this, we expect to gain a deeper understanding of society in the own as well as in the other country, as well as to contribute to the participants’ capacity to work together in order to strengthen pluralism both in the university and in society as a whole in the future.


There will be 18 participants (including one professor) each from Ain Shams University Cairo and TU Berlin. The groups will be interdisciplinary and heterogeneous, in the sense of reflecting the topic of the workshop by representing different groups of society, regarding opinion, religion, sex/gender, ethnic or national background, (dis-)abilities etc. The organizational team of each country is carrying out the application procedure for participants on their own, following their self-defined rules as well as the rules laid out by the DAAD.

The topics of the workshops will be:

1. Gender Issues

2. Political representation of pluralism – Politics and the State

3. Religiousness

4. Engagement of civil society

5. Political participation

6. Discrimination

7. Pluralism in the media


Please also follow the information and discussions on the event on facebook!


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