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WANACU organising Summer School in Egypt in September/October 2011

Monday, 10. May 2010


The current transformation process in the Arab world and particularly in Egypt is intensely related with a growing demand for public participation in political decision making processes. On the level of urban development and especially in the field of rege...neration of informal settlements, the participation of residents is a new experiment challenging the involved stakeholders and institutions. On an international scale, the academic debate and practical examples shows a rich variety of models and best practices of resident’s participation in urban planning and neighborhood revitalization, which might provide valuable input and lessons learned to be critically reflected in this current phase of transformation. Therefore, the Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin) (together with Ain Shams University) will facili-tate a Summer School entitled as “New Urban Revolution in Cairo” sponsored by the German Academic Exchang Service (DAAD) in early October 2011 for 25 Egyptian students from different related fields of study. Local and international experts from academic and practical fields will intro-duce concepts of participatory regeneration, on the basis of which intense exchange will take place during interdisciplinary thematic workshops. Finally, a community action planning activity will be conceptualized and practically carried out in one particular neighborhood of Greater Cairo involving local residents in the planning of their community. The results of this community workshop will be then presented to the involved stakeholders and institutions.

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