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Short Courses with WANACU's Iranian Partner Maskansazan

October 24th - 30th 2012: "Urban Regeneration in Germany - Principles and Projects"


The workshop "Urban Regeneration in Germany - Principles and Projects" was carried out by WANACU between 24th and 30th October 2012.

The event was organized for TU Berlin's Iranian partner institution Maskansazan. The first workshop between both partners has been carried out in Berlin one year before this one. A second workshop - under the same title - in June 2012.

16 Iranien experts in urban planning and civil engineering participated in the workshop which included presentations, discussions and site visits.

Some photos are online on our facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.242478819214990.55974.133884073407799&type=1




June 20th - 26th 2012: "Urban Regeneration in Germany - Principles and Projects"


The event "Urban Regeneration in Germany - Principles and Projects" takes place at TU Berlin from 20th to 26th June 2012. The short course is organized by WANACU for the Iranian partner "Maskansazan". Maskansazan sent a first delegation to TU Berlin in October 2011 which is now followed by a second delegation.

During their stay in Germany, the 12 participants will have site visits to different places in Berlin, have discussions with TU professors and other experts and listen to several presentations.

Photos will soon be available on our facebook site:http://www.facebook.com/WestAsiaNorthAfricaCooperationUnitWanacu




October 17th - 27th 2011: "Potsdamer Platz: Construction and Management"

Monday, 10. May 2010


WANACU carried out an intensive training course for a delegation from the Iranian TU Berlin partner “Maskansazan” from 17th to 27th October 2011. The training course focused on the construction and management of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Participants came from different Maskansazan branches from all over Iran. Being active in the field of urban regeneration and in large scale urban project, the participants were interested in all kinds of aspects concerning management and construction of Potsdamer Platz - from the early times of the project until today. Activities during the event included lectures and inputs, intense discussions, field visits and a cultural program. The delegation received exclusive insights into the project and got in touch with different actors who played and play a major role in it, such as people in charge of the Berlin City Council, Daimler Real Estate, and PPMG. Furthermore, different TU Berlin professors and other experts, some of which were actively involved in the project, contributed to the workshop.


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