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MENASHDA — Middle Eastern North African Sustainable Habitat Development Association


The Middle Eastern North African Sustainable Habitat Development Association (MENASHDA) was initiated by TU Berlin and founded during the Kick-Off Conference in 2006. Aim of the network is to contribute to integrative, sustainable solutions in the development of habitat of the Middle East and North Africa. As a multilateral, integrative, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional network of universities, research institutions, NGOs, private companies and local authorities in the member countries, the main aim is to establish a regional society of expertise through the exchange of knowledge and know-how. MENASHDA combines science, society and economy, and offers an innovative framework for the development of young talents’ careers  In order to achieve its goals, a South-South-North partner structure is being developed. All decisions within the network are developed jointly in a participatory way. MENASHDA was financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) until the end of 2009.

Within the year 2011, MENASHDA will become an association
and be financed through membership fees and sponsorship.

Homepage: http://menashda.tu-berlin.de/ Flyer

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