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The Economic Area of Mesopotamia in Islamic times: Trade Routes and Trade Buildings

Osmanisches Ziegelgewöbe im Eingangsbereich der westlichen Qaisariya

Aim of the planned project is to expand archaeological field research and historical architectural surveys in Iraq to recent Islamic history. This offers the chance to expand methodologies of Iraq-related historical research. Its results, which so far mainly based on written sources, will be reassessed in a critical way.

Thematic focus is the regional and supra-regional trade between the Persian Gulf and the Greater Syrian Areas, particularly with regards to its organization and the development of infrastructural measures. Aspects regarding the development and the transformation of the economic region of Mesopotamia in Islamic times (9th - 19th century) are analyzed on a historical basis.

Traditionelles Teehaus (Caykhane) am Eingangstor des östlichen osmanischen Bazargebäudes (Qaisariya)

The methods for this analysis include systematic surveys of the surface, the interpretation of contemporary and historical pictures, paintings and written documents as well as the architectural survey of two important trade buildings.

Dr. Anne Mollenhauer
Technische Universität Berlin
FG Historische Bauforschung, Masterstudium Denkmalpflege
Sekretariat A 58, Architekturgebäude, Raum 812
Straße des 17. Juni 152
10623 Berlin

Tel.    ++49 30 314-796 11
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