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The activities WANACU is/was involved in can be distinguished between original WANACU Activities, Associated Activities, and Further Activities at School VI.

  • WANACU Activities are those activities established and managed by the WANACU office. This section includes current and past activities.

  • Associated Activities are independent activities that WANACU is or was involved in, for example when the activity was conceptualised and designed or when funding was applied for, as a supporter or adviser, or with regards to dissemination activities. This section includes current and past activities as well.

  • Further Activities at School VI are activities in the scope of WANACU - i.e. they are based at School VI (Planning - Building - Environment), related to WANACU's topics and to the region of West Asia and North Africa. WANACU does not play an active role within these projects, however, potentials for (future) collaboration exist.

Please click here to access a map indicating WANACU’s activities.

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