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Goals and Tasks

The goals of WANACU are in short:

  • The Development and support of co-operation activities in and together with the countries of West Asia / Northern AfricaIncrease efficiency and networking of existing activities, structures and contacts
  • Improve external representation and reputation
  • Developing the target region as a strategic spatial focus of School VI
  • Internationalisation of School VI of TU Berlin

The main tasks in order to achieve these goals are:

  • Network and coordinate existing contacts and activities in the target region
  • Generate future contacts and activities in the target region - with Universities and other institutions
  • Establish a data base with contacts and potential future projects
  • Checking on support programs, project inquiries and requests for co-operation on the compatibility with the topics and the philosophy of School VI of TU (Checking on variation options, on expenditure/profit balance including multiplication and synergy factors as well as the potential reputation)
  • Acquisition of event related external funding including scholarships for fact finding missions, conferences, research projects, pilot projects locally and for teaching and further education offers such as summer schools or Short Courses
  • Act as an interface management between complex project structures and the administration of TU Berlin
  • Establishment and support of partner structures abroad (study courses, institutes and associations)
  • Public relations within TU Berlin - targeted at other disciplines, schools, research fields and comparable research groups - in order to establish synergetic communication structures
  • Public relations outside TU Berlin - dissemination of outcomes and results of related projects
  • Consulting inside TU Berlin and outside (domestically and internationally) in regards to questions of: project contents, research, training, financing, intercultural competencies and problems, organization, technical issues and administration
  • Establish a library and a data base with information on the WANA-region (books, CDs, DVDs)

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